Coffee Bean Loyalty App Redesign

Loyalty membership app redesign.


The Challenge
Improving the user experience and interface for one of Brunei's established coffee franchises loyalty programme app.


UX UI Design


Motion Graphics

The Loyalty App

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a global caffeine beverage franchise serving in over 32 countries including Brunei. The franchise is known to have a loyalty programme app where users can scan their unique code upon checkout to receive bean points. These points can be accumulated for redeeming vouchers for future purchases.

In Brunei a localised version of this app exists as developed by Think Axis Solutions. As part of their commitment to improve their clients solutions, I had been tasked with improving the UX and UI of the app to improve engagement and usage through users.

The current brew

Upon reviewing and testing the app, some issues were identified around the UI. These included:

Inconsistent icon styles (some outlined, some filled , some thick, some thin etc)

Low contrast and saturated background making the app feel visually dull

Weather background inteferring with text legibility

Long scrolling menu with heavy copy and lack of visuals

Lack of balanced negative space

Unclear navigation and indications around the app

A fresh grind of beans

Taking inspiration from other loyalty apps, websites and examples, I decided to incorporate these aspects to improve the overall the UI and UX of the loyalty app.

Emphasising visuals and improving legibility of descriptions

Contextualised icons used consistently across to portray the brand theme

Visual Hierarchy
Utilising different typography weights and sizes to achieve visual contrast and hierarchy

High Quality Images
Elevating visuals and creating interest from the beverages

Enriching the user experience through animated transitions and visuals

Personifying headings and selected descriptions to promote the brand's essence

A fresh new brew

Home Screen



Profile Screen



Rewards Screen



Transaction Screen



Menu Screen



Hope you enjoyed this project!
Drop me a message if you'd like to redesign an app!