a food scanning app designed to help reduce food wastage


The Challenge
Finding a way to reduce forgetting food going off in fridges


User Research

User Journey Mapping

UX UI Design

Product Design


In the UK 2/3 of household waste comes from food spoilage

£2.5b worth of food and drinks are thrown out 50% from household food waste

Majority of food wastage comes from the end consumer stage

But why?

All of these happened due to people getting busy and forgetting food is going off in their fridges or sudden changes in plans which result in them not using their food. The problem was further explored by interviewing users to understand how they feel and react with food.

The main issues lied within the moment of realising that your food has gone off. This causes a large feeling of guilt as they realised they have wasted food which lowers their confidence in handling food. This also effects their planning as they have to recuperate and try to minimise food waste in the future.

However once users started cooking and eating their food, they feel more accomplished as they successfully used the food to cook something and not waste it. Therefore the main areas of intervention would be before the moment of realising your food is spoiled.

Key Insights

Plans Change

Too busy to look in fridge

Not confident in handling food

Planning is the key

Taking in the research conducted there was a clear need for planning and preparation of meals and food in advance. The solution would need to reassure the users of the foods condition and provide a way to manage their food. A fridge scanner and companion app was chosen as a concept to fulfil these.

Food Scanner Functions

- Monitor status of food in fridge

- Send status of food to the app

App Functions

- Receive status of food from the scanner

- Manage food shopping list to avoid overbuying

- Schedule meal plans in advance

The fridge scanner would be placed on the shelves and drawers of the fridge as this provided a point of contact for the food to be scanned. Further development enabled it to be adjustable for different gap sizes of those shelves for extra security.

App wireframe

Final Design


App User Flow

Hope you enjoyed this project!
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